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Welcome to my Links pages! I have so many useful links that this page has been split up into different sections (collectors, identification, materials, MLP community and traders). The links at the top of the page will take you to these sub-sections.
The links are arranged in tables, with additional columns giving a review summary (shows if they are a trader, have collection pics, useful resources, etc) for easy reference. I have also tried to write brief notes about each site.

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Page Description Collect
UK Site
^dragon's stickers Puffy stickers resource page *          
Baby Stargaze Great page for IDing variants *   * * *  
Buenos Aires Toy musuem Roberto's Argentinan site *       *  
Dizzy Dava's TJ page ID of the early "My Pretty Pony" *          
Dream Valley The oldest & best IS site! Now with 2003s *   * * *  
Dreamchaser's Pony Accessory List *     *    
Encyclopedia MLP Lots of info, including news & 2003s *   * *    
Grundle Land Wind Whistler's page of Accessory ID *          
Helen's stickers Puffy stickers resource page *          
Lady Twilight Ponies & accessory checklist page *   * * *  
Lavonia's ID site Includes Greeks, MOCs, fakies *          
MLP identifying A by-year guide *          
MLP Identification Identification site *          
Mexican Pony Paradise Peppermint Truly's pretty page! *   * * *  
Mio Mini Pony Lovely Tickle's Italian pony ID site, very nice! *   * * *  
Model Horse Gallery Identify different types of model horse *          
Moondreamers site Useful for ID-ing the 80s dolls and their friends! *   *   *  
My Little Wiki ID site for all things MLP (join in!) *     *    
Once Upon a Rainbow Roz's Italian ID site *          
The MLP Ordeal A good for playset identification! *   * * *  
The Petite Pocket Silverdawn's Petite pony ID and resources page *          
Ponyland Market ID guide to post-1998 MLP *          
Pony Riot Brian's great G3 page *     *    
Pr. Taffeta's Scrapbook ID guide for UK ponies *     * * *
TJ's page Ponies, accessories & backcards (old version) *       *  
Secrets of Greyskull Pony prototype tour! *     *    
Sewing machine with MLP on it!       *    
Strawberry Shortcake Info and pics about the dolls & accessories *          
Sugarberry's page ID page, with photos and cute drawings *          
Sunsparkle's G3s 3rd Gen pony info, includes colouring book scans *   * * *  
Tarpan's guide Accessories, and pose look-up *   * *    

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