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Welcome to my Links pages! I have so many useful links that this page has been split up into different sections (collectors, identification, materials, MLP community and traders). The links at the top of the page will take you to these sub-sections.
The links are arranged in tables, with additional columns giving a review summary (shows if they are a trader, have collection pics, useful resources, etc) for easy reference. I have also tried to write brief notes about each site.

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Page Description Collect
UK Site
2003 ponies Dutch site, with photos of the new ponies     * * *  
80s tees 80s themed t-shirts including MLP         *  
Afrocare UK hair extensions materials supplier       * * *
Ariel Rose Music An MLP- collector's Celtic harp music site     *   *  
Black Rose London gothshop, sells hair         * *
"Blinkies" Sera's blinkies     * *    
"Blinkies" Mavi's blinkies     * *    
Claire's Accessories Great for hair extension hair       * *  
Cardinal Melody's tutorial Learn to draw MLP!   *   *    
Customtopia Lots of info and materials!   * * * *  
CmdStore Buy 2003 MLPs from Montreal!         *  
Debra Birge Buy "World of My Little Pony" book       * *  
Design a pony       * *    
Dollyhair Buy customising hair         *  
Extension Fiendz Goth hair site       * *  
Hair Shop link page to lots of hair suppliers     *      
Hair Reference Baby Seashimmer's colour-matching guide       *    
Hot Topic Buy MLP merchandise         *  
Links Page of MLP site links     *      
Loungefly MLP accessories (belts, wallets, etc)     *      
Mare Ann MLP resources & customising help     * * *  
Model horse tack Tack reference site       *    
MLP fonts Cute letters with MLPs on them!     *      
MLP mp3s Download music!     *      
Online Saddlery Saddlery reference site       *    
Ragdolly Goth hair extensions site       * *  
Rainbow Dash MasqueradeLuvR's pics hosted by Baby Snowbright       *    
Restore.Doll Great doll restoration site, perfect MLP hair!       * *  
Tapestry's MLP Playhouse Fun stuff & free pictures *     *    
Tartblossom Goth hair extensions site       * *  
Tonertex Foils & glitters, useful for customising       * *  
Unicorn Woman Model horse tack       *    
UK Toyfairs UK toyfair dates/localtions       *   *
WingedFantasy See her 2003 ponies!       *    

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