Fun - Pony Travels

Come and see some ponies on their travels!
These pictures were taken on various holidays, where I stashed away a pony or two, then took photos to record the journeys. Have fun!

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Peachy - Kos, Greece 2001

I was the first to be sent the famous adventuring Peachy (part of a mailing-list project) to take on holiday, and around locally with me in the UK. Here are some of her travels.
These start in Surrey (UK) and move on to Greek island of Kos,and a bit of the Turkish mainland.
Peachy also watched a concert in London, Hyde Park and saw Woking's "War of the Worlds" alien....

Peachy's travels, on flickr

Baby Cotton Candy - Cornwall April 2002

Following in the hootprints of the travelling Peachy, I decided when taking a Spring break to take along Baby Cotton Candy for fun!
We went via Dorset and Devon, but only stopped 1 day in Dorset and travelled pretty much straight through Devon.

Baby Cotton Candy's travels, on flickr

Baby Glory - Canada May 2002

These pictures were taken when we stayed in Ottawa, visiting a friend.
Baby Glory went on lots of walks to nature reserves, visited Montreal and had lots of pictures taken!

Baby Glory's travels, on flickr

New "G3" ponies - Woking July 2003

These pictures were taken at a UK meet in Woking on July 12th. Tic-tac-toe, Purple Pen, Cornish Pony & family attended.
The aim was to find 2003 ponies at Toys R Us, and as you can see, we succeeded!
There's also a pic below of a toy farm we saw in a charity shop - complete with "fakie" squeaky pony!
Unfortunately Lickety Split's cafe was shut, but we still have some pictures of it.

July 2003 ponymeet, on flickr

2004 London Meet - in Green Park

Rainbow Dash (the Tiny Tins pony) - Shropshire May 2004

These pictures were taken during a lovely holiday to Shropshire.
Rainbow Dash visited a lot of historic and interesting places!

Rainbow Dash's holiday, on flickr

2004 London Meet - in Green Park

These pictures were taken at a rainy, but nevertheless FUN, meet in London!

Ponymeet 2004, on flickr

2005 London Meet - in Green Park

These pictures were taken at another meet in London!

Ponymeet 2005, on flickr

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