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Here you can play a few javascript games, including the rather daft Pony Name Generator, and also see results of some contests I've run in the past. Remember to check back for further contests in the future!

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The flickr folders include MLP captioned funny pics contest, Christmas 2001 contest, Drawing contest (inspired by Name Generator) and Scifi drawing contest.

Games and fun

  • Play with Posey, the CyberPony! (Written by me in Javascript).
  • Read about Ponies' Travels with Tic-tac-toe (Peachy - Greece, Baby Cotton Candy - Cornwall and Baby Glory - Canada, Rainbow Dash - Shropshire).
  • Play "Tic-tac-toe"! A 2-player game, written by me in Javascript. You will need to enable Javascript in your web browser settings.
  • Use the Pony Name Generator to invent a pony, including its colours. Written by me in Javascript. Also see the modified version of Pony Name Generator, the Dragon Name Generator, made for Little Katie Pony.
  • Play with the random Story Game, based on a set of cards that came with UK MLP comic. (Note: you will need to enable Javascript on your web browser options/settings to run CyberPony, Tic-tac-toe game and Name Generator)

Previous contests

Custom contest Spring/Summer 2006

Freestyle custom contest, with the prizes being Strawberry and Melon, made by me.

Name Entry Description Comments
Anna Baby Oak My custom pony is called Baby Oak. She´s in the middle of the Custom page :)
Carrie Baby Icefire
Desiree Aniu Aniu is the female half of my custom winter pair (Jack Frost is her partner). She has beaded "icicle" mane and tail, shimmery body and flies on sparkling snowflake wings.
Cheezpoofs Mario ponies These are my first three Super Mario Brothers custom ponies: Mario, Princess Peach and Yoshi. Winner!
Hannah Untitled Hia! I like your site, although I haven't wandered the whole thing just yet. Thought I might drop off an entry for your custom contest, just for fun. :) Runner up!
Katherine Ace Here's my entry! It's G3 Ace! ^^
Melynda Princess Bloom My custom that I made for this contest is Princess Bloom. She is my first Sculpy pony. She has a little Choker.
Tabya Blizzard This is my very first custom. The 'brushstrokes' visible are really just my old scanner playing tricks. :(

For this contest, entrants took photos of outfits they'd made for MLP!

Name Entry Description Comments
ABCWinter ( Laurie ) Meadowbrook and Seaspray Meadowbrook and Her Boyfriend Seaspray. They are going out to celebrate their Engagement together.  
dragonlady Brighteyes Brighteyes is looking groovy in her 60's outfit, complete with go-go boots!  
Littleponysunbright Tornado Tornado likes to dress in girly dresses, here he is combining a skirt with a scarf :)  
Nightmare Stallion Tux with Tails This is Tux with Tails, a tuxedo with long tails that hang off the backside. It is simulated wool with a silken bowtie and white shirt front. Denim Blue also wears a pair of original bow tie shoes that have been dyed black, and is pictured with a cello that was part of a Barbie accessories line. Winner!
ravfladermus Sailor Moon The first picture is my entry and here are more pictures of the suits from different angles Runner Up!

Caption contests

For this contest, entrants added their caption for a silly MLP-related photo to a "guestbook" I created. These were very succesful as you can see by the number of them that were run!

Contest # Date Picture Winner All entries Comments
1 June 2002 Broken fakie Lady Catra Entries Winner with prize!
2 June/July 2002 Buttons-es Flutternight Entries  
3 July 2002 Messy Gusty Pina Colada Entries  
4 end July 2002 MOC fakies Palm Oasis Entries  
5 Aug 2002 Buddy L fakies Sillver Linings Entries  
6 late Aug 2002 Tatty Confetti Cinnamon Entries Winner with prize!
7 July/Sept 2002 Kisscurls-es The Draven's Cat Entries  
8 July/Aug 2003 Manky baits JLM Entries  
9 Aug/Sept 2003 Tex/Bunkie hybrid Lori Entries Prize

Story contest, Oct/Nov 2002

See all entries.
Using my Pony Name Generator, entrants had to write a backcard story for their pony.
Winners were LadyFizz (with "Moon Cookie") and SillyBilly (with "Honey Lace") - customs were made as prizes.

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