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2003 (3rd generation) - Pictures of the new ponies!

The bizarre adventures of Moondancer (the mischievous pony with the magnetic hoof!)

See Moondancer's Adventures on flickr

"3rd Generation" ponies

See G3 ponies on flickr

"Ponyville" ponies

See Ponyville ponies on flickr

Mail-Order and exclusive ponies

See M.O. and exclusive ponies on flickr

G3 Merchandise and things

See G3 merchandise and some other G3 pics on flickr

Caption pics!

Funny pics used/to be used for caption contests

See funny pics on flickr

Collection pics!

Some of my ponies (and a few belonging to others)

See pony pics on flickr
(includes G1 merchandise and curiousities, and some "fakies"!)

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