Some of my collection of backcards (mostly UK, unless stated).
I've also used this page to link to pony-related newpaper/magazine articles I've found.

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  • A rather "tongue-in-cheek" newspaper article from the late 1980s.
  • "Heat" article from Christmas 2003 (fashion-designer customs).

TTT's Backcards

Here's some scans of a small part of my UK backcard collection. There are a few other bits and pieces added, so please note that:

  • Skyflier and Little Honey Pie are on US cards (but I included them 'cos they are cute!)
  • NSS Truly card was donated by Inger & Monika
  • Best Friend Babies, Jewellery Babies, Family Friends and Tales cards were donated by the Andersons.

Backcards and packaging

See Backcard/packaging pics on flickr

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