I've been doing various handicrafts since I learned to knit and sew around the age of five. (OK, so I used to draw a bit before then, but that hardly counts!)
Here are some of the things I do, or have done if there was time:

  • Dollcraft
  • Drawing
  • Dressmaking
  • Knitting
  • Lacemaking
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Tatting
  • Toymaking

I also occasionally make clothes or toys to order, sometimes from a few sketches or a brief description.

See my Toys page for links to my handmade creatures.


I've not looked for or found that many craft related websites out there, but I can recommend a few:

  • Beadbrains - A U.S. site owned by someone who's been known to make jewellery for the rich & famous. Look out for the cute fish!
  • Beadmaster - Go to this site to order beads and jewellery-making items. The catalogue is excellent.
  • Clayzee - a resource page for polymer clays, and other craft products.
  • Croft Mill - Scoot reference page for a really good mail-order fabric supplier. Hilarious catalogue.
  • Character Dynamics - animatronic and static models
  • Etsy - buy crafts and materials
  • Fenris - webdesign and digital photography stuff
  • Fibrecrafts, near Guildford. Spinning, weaving, felting etc supplies
  • Glass Orchids - glass jewellery website, very pretty stuff
  • "Hobby" - U.K. catalogue for model-making and various other craft stuff.
  • How to Sew a Couch Stitch , instructions on basic sewing techniques
  • Mavis Crafts - knitting patterns, supplies and other handicrafts
  • Paper Airplanes, instructions on plane and even helicopter making from paper.
  • Paradise Fibers guide to fabric / sewing - lots of useful resources
  • Silverpin Studio - bobbin lacemaking, but using wire instead of thread
  • The Bead Shop - a great bead shop in London
  • The Sewing Chest - corsetry and lingerie-making kits and materials
  • The Silk Route - a mail-order silk fabric supplier

Needle-felting/spinning & supplies

Needle felting is a really nice, simple craft with simple supplies - just wool and a special-shaped needle. Spinning projects use the same sorts of fibres. Lots of places do supplies:

Knitting supplies & info

I found these while hunting down sock-making equipment. Some lovely stuff here!

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